New workouts for your fitness regime

When you embrace a style of activity with free flowing movements, you just might experience benefits that go beyond the physical. People have been engaging in free flowing movements for [...]

Squeeze in a Workout into Your Day

1. Set your alarm 30 minutes earlier. This may seem like an obvious tip, but it definitely takes motivation not to hit the snooze button and lie back down. My next piece of advice may seem crazy [...]

12 Tips on Fitness Motivation

1. Heart health Engaging in cardiovascular activity is good for your heart. Your heart is a muscle, and pushing it to work hard a few days each week may help to improve your cardiac output. If [...]

5 Ways to Get Fit in the New Year

Fusion Fitness Many trainers know that a well-rounded fitness plan that includes elements of cardiovascular fitness, strength training, endurance and flexibility is the key to getting great [...]

3 ways to improve your day

Do begin to love mornings you struggle to get your day started sometimes? Samantha Clayton shows us how to start on the right foot with a morning workout. You’ll again! Healthier food choices [...]

Conquer that fear and reach your goals

Whatever your goal, if you want to be successful you have to first believe in yourself and then follow a plan.  I have shared a post on how to set your goals and I have also shared my thoughts [...]

Understand. Succeed. Maintain.

MAKE 2017 THE YEAR THAT YOU MAKE IT ALL THE WAY TO THE FINISH LINE, AND STAY THERE. Each year on January 1st, people across the world start the New Year full of motivation for their resolution to [...]

Got 10 minutes? Time to work out!

Fitting exercise into a busy schedule can be a challenge, but did you know that sparing just 10 minutes out of your day is all you need to boost your energy levels with a quick cardio workout? [...]

Your winter fitness plan

If you think that just because summer is over, it’s time to pack on some winter padding…think again! Follow my Winter workout tips to keep your summer body all year round. Just because the [...]

Create Your Personal Summer Workout

If you’ve tried to find a workout to hit your summer fitness goals, but just can’t seem to find one that suits you, then it’s time to start designing your own! Follow the tips below to make a [...]